The priority of our Camps is the promotion of a healthy and balanced growth of our children, through the introduction of a healthy lifestyle, in terms of food and exercise. FCB Escola Italia Camps differentiate from others because they offer children thematic focus on food and wellness taught by industry experts in collaboration with our Partners.


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The staff of MACSY and FCB Escola, thanks to the cooperation with the Partners of the project, offer all Camps’ participants the opportunity to be ​​aware of healthy diet and physical and mental wellness through focus supervised by industry experts. We consider it a fundamental activity not only from the sports and competitive point of view, but especially in relation to the daily growth of our children.
That’s not all. We start from the daily meals we offer participants during the Camps; they are agreed with the nutritionists of FCB Escola following the principles of a healthy diet. “We are what we eat” is a key element in the educational philosophy of FC Barcelona. For such a reason we decided to suggest children and their families some “golden rules” to keep up with a healthy and sports diet. These “golden rules” will be delivered to each participant at the end of the Camp.


Children who take part in our Camps, their families, coaches, FCB Escola, our Partners.


We want to draw attention towards children and adolescents who play sports, believing that, as well as ensuring good health, you have to guarantee the best process of growth and development. Through our project we want to make children and their parents aware of the benefits of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle that focuses, above all, on a healthy diet.


  • Parmigiano Reggiano was born only in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua . Delicious, easy to digest and with a host of nutritional benefits, Parmigiano-Reggiano always exceeds expectations.The unique taste of a product made without additives, with its concentration of proteins, vitamins, calcium and mineral salts make it perfect for all ages and for all situations, a ready source of useful energy for everyone. Official partner of FCB Escola Camp Italy, is national partner of all Camps.
  • Galvanina Group, since 1901 guarantee of quality and excellence in the field of Mineral Waters. National and international leader (in USA) through organic drinks of high quality with the brand Galvanina Bio:


Project Manager at Macsy SRL: Miss Roberta Angelini
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