You can make the payment at www.fcbcampitalia.com by bank transfer (SEPA) or credit card. In order to pay please register online at www.fcbcampitalia.com and click on BOOK NOW. Then choose between “bank transfer” or “credit card” and click on “complete your registration”.
For further information please contact info@macsy.it and / or  +39 0541 1492265 or +39 3288673584


Boys and girls aged 6 to 16 (years of birth 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Italian, Spanish, English
No, children can not wear clothing of other football teams during their time at the Camp. While training it is compulsory to wear the complete kit provided by the organization.
Children are taking showers in the locker rooms at the end of both the morning and the afternoon training sessions. For such a reason you will have to provide them with everything they need (shower gel, towels, slippers, underwear, etc …)
Meeting point is at the pitch at 8.30am however, one of our staff members will be present to welcome the children from 8.00am.
What time do trainings end? They end at 6.30pm. Children, will be able to leave after taking a shower prior notice to the responsible Staff member who will verify the arrival of the parents.


On Sunday afternoon, players will be subject to an initial test in order to assess their technical level and divide them into homogeneous training groups.
There is 1 coach each 10/12 children.
Yes, it is our peculiarity. Trainings are supervised and directed by the coaches of the Cantera, who will participate both on the pitch and during other supplementary activities.
Yes they do, in order to handle the complex techniques of their role. Tailored coaching will be organized by the managers of the FCB Escola.
It may be of both kinds, depending on the facilities that will host the Camp.
They can attend trainings in designated areas, without interfering in the execution of the program and its related activities (eg, shower, Spanish course) and maintaining a good and polite behaviour (without prodding, yell, distract the kids).
Yes, except in cases of force majeure, training sessions will be held regularly. For this reason it is important to give children a waterproof pouch with which to train. Alternatives will be provided if particularly negative weather conditions do not permit to train on the pitch.


The prestige of the Camp has allowed us to offer participants great discounted prices in some accommodation facilities close to the Camp location. If you wish to book your stay at the agreed facility, please consult the related information in the Camp description and refer directly and exclusively to the hotel for any inquiry, including payment.


Yes, but only within limits and ways following below:

  • It is necessary to send an enrollment cancellation request via Certified Mail (PEC) to the email address macsysrl@maxpec.it, or via express courier or RACCOMANDATA A/R to the address Via Bilancioni, 14 C/D Rimini (RN), Italia, CAP 47923.
  • If the enrollment cancellation requests is received by Camp organiser (MACSY srl) later than 30 days before the beginning of Camp, no refund will be made.
  • If the enrollment cancellation request is received by Camp organiser (MACSY srl) sooner than 30 days before the beginning of Camp, MACSY srl will keep € 150,00 as a compensation and refund for registration and cancellation fees.
  • If the enrollment participant does not turn up at Camp of is late for any reason, no partial or total refund will be provided.
  • Refunds or cancellations following cases different from the ones indicated above are entirely under discretion of the organiser (MACSY srl).


They need to be in good condition, well cleaned and with shoe laces on.
Every pair will be put in an official bag provided by MACSY or by your Sport Society taking part in the initiative.

Name, age, town, shoe size, a message or drawing you want to leave for the child receiving your soccer boots.

Soccer boots are delivered and given as a gift by project partner Charities to unfortunate children living in particularly poor contexts (such as Gaza, Africa).
Our international partner Charities is the Associazione Papa Giovanni XXIII (www.apg23.org)